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Page history last edited by Mrs. G 10 years, 2 months ago

Comments (6)

EveningStar said

at 10:49 pm on Jun 3, 2010

Now that I know more about Venus, that's the planet I'm voting for!

A comment said

at 4:21 pm on Jun 7, 2010

I like Venus because it is the hottest planet in the solar sistum and it is my planet . --Kylie

A comment said

at 4:23 pm on Jun 7, 2010

I like how Venus is Erth sister it is cool. --Makenna

A comment said

at 3:51 pm on Jun 8, 2010

I love venus cause it would be neat to learn a bout the gases in the atmusfear. And it be cool to learn why it's temperature is the same as earth's temperature. --Jesse

A comment said

at 3:51 pm on Jun 8, 2010

I loved the way Venus was discribed in the leter. I liket the way she discribed ((stinky)).--Patrick

A comment said

at 3:59 pm on Jun 8, 2010

I Like how she used great details in her letter .I liked how neat handwriting in her letter. I liked that she tried her vary best work.

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