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Comments (4)

Hermes said

at 10:50 pm on Jun 3, 2010

I like craters, so I'm voting for Mercury!

A comment said

at 10:25 pm on Jun 4, 2010

Josephine-- I would vote for Mercury too! I enjoyed your letter about Mercury. I worked on the MESSENGER mission to Mercury. The MESSENGER spacecraft has taken pictures of many of the craters on Mercury and will go into orbit around Mercury next March. You can find out more about MESSENGER at the website: http://messenger.jhuapl.edu/

Steph from NASA http://bit.ly/geosteph

A comment said

at 4:23 pm on Jun 7, 2010

I think mercury should be chosen because its hot and I like it the best.--GraceAnne

A comment said

at 4:25 pm on Jun 7, 2010

I think that Mercury shed be chose because Ilike craters.


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